Contracts and Transactional

Contract and Transactional Law

Makovoz Law Group contracts & transactional business attorneys are insightful problem-solvers with a long-standing track record of fruitful negotiations and successful closings. Our years spent in courtrooms and pre-trial settlement venues have been highly instructive in reminding us that many of the seeds of litigation issues are planted in a venture’s earliest days, when the deal is first implemented. This perspective has given our team clear insight into what makes a deal more likely to succeed in the long run. Experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we fully understand the concerns and legal demands businesses tend to confront. We furnish personalized legal guidance designed to meet our clients’ unique set of needs and desired outcomes.

Business Formation

Launching a business while protecting your interests and limiting personal exposure can be an intimidating undertaking. We offer many services related to forming a business such as:

  • Entity Formation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Contracts
  • Copyright Registration
  • Employee Manuals
  • Bylaw Implementation and Operating Agreements and Daily Board Functions.

Business Acquisitions

In order for a business to function properly, every aspect must be defined in a clear and functional matter. For businesses that generate income through sales, purchase, wholesale or retail activity, and distribution, well–defined agreements are critical. Our services include developing purchase and sale agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements and sales contracts, invoice forms and other agreements necessary for business operations and protection.

Secured Transactions / Loans

A promissory note is a legally binding document in which one person or party promises to pay a specific amount of money to another on either a specific date or upon demand. Our services include the drafting of these financial instruments and related security and pledge agreements. In case of a subsequent breach of the agreement, our attorneys will vigorously pursue the enforcement of delinquent promissory notes using all legal remedies available under California law.

Business Contracts

Agreements are at core of any relationship – especially those relationships involved in business. Businesses require some level of shared agreed–upon commitments to operate. Contracts are necessary to make these business commitments legally binding and enforceable by law.

An important part of our transactional law practice is devoted to helping our clients create strong contracts that are designed to protect their interests. The contracts we generate are individually designed to help each client grow and maintain their business. These include:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Sale Agreements
  • Non–compete / Non–solicitation Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements

If your business can use transactional experience honed by years in the litigation trenches, please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation (818) 827-7137 

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