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Business Law
Litigations can take years to resolve, so picking your attorney is a long-term investment in an important relationship that can be life changing.  At Makovoz Law Group we look forward to having an opportunity to work hard for you, build long-term relationships, and make good law together.  
Makovoz Law Group has a record of success in high-stakes business litigation, as well as negotiating and drafting agreements with a litigator's eye.  Having litigated complex business litigation and other matters in both jury trial and judge/bench trial cases, we also have the unique advantage of being able to take that wisdom upfront into helping you navigate your transactional business deals.
Our decades of experience covers both the plaintiff and defendant sides in business, employment, partnership/corporate disputes, healthcare, and intellectual property, including trademarks, as well as other matters.  We practice before the California state and federal courts, including the Courts of Appeal, as well as the USPTO (Trademark Board).

Business litigation, especially in areas like Los Angeles, can be a costly, distracting, and draining experience that requires the right lead.  Our lawyers worked for the top "big law" firm in Los Angeles, and studied at the top law school in the world, but the difference is at Makovoz Law you are not going to be another small fish in a bottomless pond.  We won't add you to an assembly line of other waiting clients or assign you to an inexperienced junior associate to experiment on you.  We believe in hard-work and late nights for our clients.  We believe in smart lawyering, and high-end work product.  We strive to work matters out informally if at all possible, or aggressively, if such becomes necessary.  We also believe in right and wrong, and helping those who have been wronged.
Thinking outside the box is something we are not afraid to do, including winning motions that most lawyers never bring or never win, such as for terminating and other sanctions (ending a case without trial due to misconduct of the opposing side and/or its counsel), or getting a new trial/additur (having the Judge increase insufficient damages awarded by a jury or grant you a brand new trial) etc.,
Our success in winning appeals, including as the successful Appellant in a published California decision is unique given only about 16%-18% of appeals win, and less than about 9% of cases become published California law.   Makovoz Law is one of the few firms in all of the State of California that can say they have succeeded on appeal with respect to both of the foregoing!  Bottomline: we care about our clients and and our clients would be the first to tell you that about us.
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